The Best Festivals for Backpackers in Tourist Places

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How do you choose the best festivals? If you’re looking to backpack your way around the world, you might be wondering about the best time and places to attend some of the most famous festivals in the world. Read on for some inspiration and information to help plan your itinerary!


The Best Festivals for Backpackers in Canada: In recent years, Canada has become an ever-more popular tourist destination. And it’s not hard to see why; in addition to beautiful scenery and a thriving arts scene, there are some cracking festivals on offer that are well worth experiencing. From performing arts and comedy festivals to electronic music extravaganzas, you really can’t go wrong. Check out our top picks below!


If you’re in Mexico for only a few days, consider staying at an all-inclusive resort where there are plenty of events and parties. The country is also home to world-class festivals that attract both locals and visitors from around the globe. If you get tired of Cancun, head down to Mexico City to experience The Best Festivals for Backpackers in Mexico There are many ways to have fun while traveling abroad, but it can be difficult if you don’t know what kind of activities you want to do or if your budget is limited. Luckily, we have some great tips on how to make your trip as fun as possible without breaking your bank account. In order to help backpackers who love exploring new places and experiencing new cultures, we’ve put together a list of festivals that everyone should check out when they visit Mexico . Whether you like music festivals or cultural celebrations , there are so many options available throughout the year that it can be hard to choose just one!


This list of festivals in Australia should make it onto every backpacking itinerary for good reason. Any festival in Australia will be one for history books and you’ll never want to leave; besides that, there are so many more reasons why Australia is a great place to backpack. There are endless beaches, rainforests and national parks – even underwater worlds!


Festivals are a great way to soak up Brazilian culture and see Rio in all its glory. Brazil’s most famous festival is Carnival, when locals take to the streets of Rio in elaborate costumes and throws themselves into hedonistic revelry for a week before Lent begins. There are many other exciting festivals around Brazil throughout each year, including a two-day celebration called Círio de Nazaré , which takes place on September 30th and October 1st every year.

New Zealand

If you’re going to New Zealand, here are some of my top picks for best festivals and events The biggest festival in New Zealand is called Rag Week. It is a week-long celebration at Otago University that includes a series of activities and parties. The event culminates with a day-long parade where students dress up in costumes and throw toilet paper all over town.


You can tell an Italian that you are from another country, but they will still consider you a friend. Italy is welcoming, charming and has some of the best festivals for backpackers. This destination is perfect for any traveler who enjoys drinking at a local bar while taking a break from their hostel. It’s hard to believe, but there are more castles in Italy than any other European country, so you can get out and visit one during your travels through Italy as well!


Backpackers have a penchant for South America and Argentina is one of their favorite destinations. Why? Because, like every other Latin American country, they host events that attract backpackers from all over. Here are some of Argentina’s best festivals for tourists: Tango Festival – What happens when a city holds an international tango festival? Lots of dancing! This event takes place every year in Buenos Aires, specifically in January and February at La Rural Exhibition Center.

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